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Our history

★ In March 2008, 263 Network Communication released the CC teleconference to enable the enterprise users realize the multiparty teleconference anytime and anywhere.

★ In September 2007, 263 Network Communication released the “New Communication, Free mind” as the development strategy in the future: 263 will become a new Internet communication and value-added communication service provider, and will create and provide new communication service based on the Internet technology to meet the ever-increasing needs of the enterprises and individual business users for information exchange and communication.

★ In 2007, 263 Network Communication had launched 950509 service in ten cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Shenzhen, and became the largest service provider among the first batch of enterprises that are issued with the multiparty communication license.

★ In June 2007, the “Anti-spam Integrated Processing Platform” was launched formally. As one of the professional anti-spam pioneers, 263 Network Communication made great contribution to the platform’s success. Therefore, the company was granted with Anti-spam Contribution Award by China Internet Association.

★ In March 2006, as the professional mail operator in China, 263 Network Communication released the “263 Global Mail, Enterprise G Mail”. The company offered standard enterprise mailbox service (up to 1G/2G per user).

★ In December 2005, the Polygenic Characteristics Intelligent Anti-spam System and Standard Research and Realization fully passed the acceptance made by the Information Safety Technology Expert Committee of the National 863 Program. Meanwhile, the company applied three national patents. As the undertaker of the National 863 Program task, 263 Network Communication invested more than one million yuan and spent over one year to break though the scientific program.

★ In September 2004, Beijing Capital Online Technology Development Co., Ltd. was formally changed to 263 Network Communication Co., Ltd. (called "263 Network Communication"). Meanwhile, new enterprise logo is released. This indicated that the enterprise would be dedicated to the strategy of communication service field, provide diversified communication services (including E-mail, Internet access, voice communication etc.) throughout the country.

★ In August 2004, as the first batch of telecommunication value-added service providers that have the multiparty communication commercial test license in China, 263 Capital Online formally launched 95050 multiparty call service in Beijing region to provide the users with multiparty voice communication service.

★ In April 2003, 263 Capital Online and CNC Beijing together released 96446 IP call service, and became the largest IP call agent in China.

★ In 2003, 263 Capital Online became the largest Internet dial-up access service provider, except the fundamental operators. /p>

★ In May 2002, 263 E-mail was fully upgraded to paid mail service.

★ In November 2001, 263 Capital Online formally released the self-developed the super mail system (Xmail) that supported over 40 million users. With the Xmail as the core technology platform, the company released a Super E-post integrated 263’s all mail products and services.

★ At the end of 2000, the number of free mail users exceeded eight million, and 263 Capital Online became China’s largest free E-mail product service provider.

★ In November 2000, 263 Capital Online formally released 95963 Unified ISP Special Service Number. In 2001, the company successively launched 95963 Internet calling access service in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Xi’an etc.

★ In December 1999, Beijing Capital Online Technology Development Co., Ltd. (called “263 Capital Online”) was registered and established in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park (Changping Park).