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Our business

Value-added communication service閳ユ摠P call service-96446

Multiparty call service -950509

閳?In 2004, 263 Network Communication launched 950509 multiparty voice communication service. Now, the service has been promoted in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Dongguan, Qingdao, Ji閳ユ獢an, Weihai and Yantai. It has huge market potential and beautiful market prospect.

閳?263 Network Communication launched 96446 IP call service in Beijing. The number of users exceeded two million. We have huge market leading advantage

閳?263 Network Communication has strong brand advantage, large-size user group, rich marketing experience as well as good and long-term partnership with operators

Internet communication service閳ユ柡鈧摗-mail business

The earliest and largest professional E-mail operation brand in China

閳?Orientation: Dedicated to providing the users that thirst for high quality mail with fast, safe and stable professional E-mail service that they can trust.

閳?As the earliest and largest paid E-mail service provider in China, 263 Network Communication has over two million paid users

閳?With the intelligent anti-spam core technology, 263 Network Communication undertakes the Polygenic Characteristics Intelligent Anti-spam System and Standard Research and Realization of the National 863 Program. Meanwhile, the company puts the National 863 Program閳ユ獨 scientific achievements into commercial operation, and keeps absolute leadership in the industry.

閳?263 Network Communication is the unique professional mail operator integrating system development, operation and service supply in the industry.

閳?263 Network Communication is the unique professional mail operator with carrier-class operation service quality in the industry.

閳?With Enterprise G Mail閳ユ獨 new products and marketing mode, 263 Network Communication sets up the SLA service standard in the mail industry, and becomes the absolute leader in the enterprise mail market.

Integrated communication閳ユ柡鈧摕C teleconference

Cheaper and simpler self-service teleconference

閳?Orientation: CC teleconference is a self-service multiparty voice teleconference product that is based on Web operation and management. It is the first choice of the modern enterprises for high efficiency and low cost.

閳?Carrier-class quality: Based on PSTN, CC teleconference has strong carrier-class service device clusters to make sure the carrier-class quality call effect.

閳?Convenient and quick: It can be used once the online registration and payment is completed. To hold a conference, it only needs one minute!

閳?Lower charge: Only 0.3 RMB per party per minute! No other charge is required, such as platform fee and service fee etc

閳?Auto-conference: The conference time and attendee telephone number can be set in advance. The system will initiate the conference in the preset time, and the users don閳ユ獩 need to be in online status;

Other business

Internet access service

閳?263 Network Communication is the earliest Internet access service provider in China, and invents the billing-to-caller service mode.

At the same time of cooperating with CNC to 閳?D Broad Band閳?to resell ADSL service, 263 Network Communication offers all-round enterprise-level solution for network access and network application.

Data center

閳?263 Network Communication has data center device room covering an area of 4000 m2 in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

閳?263 Network Communication also provides server setup and hosting service: including consultation service, integration service, security service, monitoring service, and backup service